Work It (2020)

Just dance...

I don’t really know how to say this but Netflix may have finally made a teen drama movie that is worth watching. Every time they put one out, I always say it looks awful but I have to watch it and see for myself. ‘Work It’ was no exception to this. However, I was honestly surprised at how enjoyable this was to watch. Besides the poor writing, predictable plot and the music being probably too loud for some scenes, the film isn’t that bad. One side to this is the relatable aspect for all students looking to get into their dream university/ college by doing something extra, and then the family and friendship side of things and what is more important to some people. I wish I could say that this film is leaps and bounds ahead of every other teen drama movie that Netflix has put it because it’s not, but the streaming service is finally heading in the right direction. Personally, I actually enjoyed this picture, even going as far as to say “Yep. Yeah, she’s good” but it is certainly not breaking any Top lists of mine.

The issue I have with ‘Work It’ is the overacting by some of the main cast. Liza Koshy and Keiynan Lonsdale are particularly guilty of this. Sabrina Carpenter and Jordan Fisher, however, evidence throughout their maturity and natural talent when it comes to acting. The film is certainly well-paced and there isn’t really an excuse for the overacting, especially as it is so obvious. I don’t think it ruins the film, and there are no elements that make this bad, but nothing in it is enough to make it a good movie. I emphasise ‘good’ because it is good, it’s enjoyable, but it’s definitely not one people would go to the cinema to watch had it not been released on Netflix. I think more care needs to be taken when making these films and allowing for more balance because the exaggerated acting becomes a sight for sore eyes after a while and it’s becoming all too familiar with Netflix’s teen dramas. I say that but I also believe that they haven’t just stepped in the right direction with this one, they have leapt.

Duration: 1h 33 mins

Starring: Sabrina Carpenter, Jordan Fisher, Liza Koshy & more…

Certificate: 12.

Released: 7 August 2020 (UK).

My Rating: 6.6/ 10.

Available to stream exclusively on Netflix.





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