Time For A Change

Before you worry after seeing a title like this, no, there is not another Jack in charge of this. It is just me... still. I'm here forever guys. However, there is something quite important I wish to address with all JRF readers.

Since the birth of JRF way back in January, every single post has been uniform in the style of black and white. I am maintaining this, but not entirely. This colour scheme is going to be used only on social media for two reasons.

  1. It aids my personal satisfaction because there is nothing nicer to see on a social media channel than an organised space for its viewers.

  2. It keeps on theme with the brand, what JRF stands for and it keeps it recognisable for all viewers (new or old).

Now you're probably questioning why on earth is there a message going out for this? Social media isn't changing is it? The answer to both it simple; no, social media isn't changing (unless Instagram and Twitter go under) and I will detail below what this 'change' on here is exactly.

Firstly, I want to bring the layout to attention, quite nice, isn't it? Yeah, that's what I thought. But the posts on here and the social media ones are a bit too similar for my liking. In fact, I'm finding lately that I'm spotting more and more about films and finding that it is difficult sometimes to get everything I want to say on a single page on an Instagram post. Keeping it concise has been great for now, and that isn't going to change on the JRF social media streams. On the other hand, the website is going to begin to start from today. Nothing on the visual side is going to be that dramatic of a change, but I want it to be focused around movies even more and make things stand out. From today, the images used in article posts (website only) are going to be of a picture from the film with the logo, too. The way to differentiate a review from a discussion article will be the discussion images won't feature the film logo.

Moving on from that, the reviews are going to be longer (if necessary). I don't want to over-do certain aspects but for some, a lot can be said about one image, never mind one entire film. If me and Against The Backdrop can collaborate and talk about one picture for an article then I can definitely say more about certain films in my reviews.

Information is key, and besides my own opinion of a film, I want people to learn more about the movie they're reading about. Sometimes an opinion is enough, but it's always nice to find out who is the lead star(s), how long it's on for, is it child/ family-friendly? Also, you get to see my overall rating and can compare it to other big websites such as IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes if you feel you need to. I want to be accessible and have the JRF content as detailed and informative as possible.

This will begin on the next post, scheduled for today so keep your eyes peeled and be prepared for more movie madness.

Thank you,

Jack Reviews Films





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