The Lighthouse (2020)

"I'm damn-well wedded to this here light"...

Oh, how I had so much expectation for this film. I had seen it built up so much on social media and when I finally came to see it, I have to admit I was a bit let down. Now before. I carry on, I want to state that I don’t think that ‘The Lighthouse’ is a bad film; just look at my rating, it’s nothing to be sniffed at. However, one thing that bothers me is the ending. I felt that there was a vast amount of build-up for it to only end up feeling a bit rushed. The film, on the surface, is a masterpiece, it’s beautiful to watch, it’s funny when it needs to be and the black & white filter on everything is perfectly utilised for this film. Most importantly, however, for me is that the film is intriguing. It did keep me sat up, focused and fulfilled… until the ending. After all of the mystery within the film, the ‘rushed’ ending, I just ended up being shocked and questioning what on earth happened? Controversial, I know, and you can say “quit your flailing, lad”, but I just can’t say that I loved this film. Unfortunately, despite all of the good elements in the film, the ending really did ruin it for me.

In all honesty, I thought the ending was weak, it felt a bit phoned in and, in a nut-shell, silly. Although this is the case for me, I must admit my shock for not seeing Willem Dafoe not being nominated for an Oscar after seeing this. He is magnificent. I firmly believe this is perhaps his best role, and for him to be snubbed is a crime. His accent, his mannerisms, everything he does in this is done to perfection. I also now struggle to imagine anyone else performing this role as well as he did. Pattinson was also magnificent but Dafoe stole the show in my opinion. Personally, I do admire this film, I adore how left field it is, and I love so much about it, but it falls just short for me.

Duration: 1h 49 mins

Starring: Robert Pattinson, Willem Dafoe & more…

Certificate: 15.

Released: 31 January 2020 (UK).

My Rating: 7.5/ 10.

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