The Kissing Booth 2 (2020)

I'm sorry, I just can't.

Ermmm… I don’t even remember much of the first one and I sort of get why. This is just awful. Yet again, ‘The Kissing Booth 2’ is another example of Netflix’s ever-failing attempts of making a good teen-comedy. I mean let’s be honest, there are very few that ever break the barrier of being good and they tend to be brilliant, but this is abysmal. I really do hate slating films but there really is nothing to applaud about this picture. It is beyond being cheesy, the humour is awful and the acting isn’t great either. I’m sorry, at least there’s a bit of a plot. Even then though, the film is half-finished, the ending doesn’t add up nor clarify anything about the two hours of purgatory we sit through (if we choose to watch this). I want to find good details about every film I see and this is a real head-scratcher. I mean, sure, there is the odd laughable line but I doubt it’s worth any statement of the film being close to good. Normally I would try and worm a quotation into one of these reviews but for this, I just can’t stomach the thought of me doing it. There is not one single memorable line in the film. Not one. On top of that, it’s predictable. I know I said it has a plot but I never said it was good. I am honestly getting tired of the conversation ‘have you seen that Netflix movie …?’ Because 9/10, it’s just me and whoever saying how awful it is. This is obviously going to crop in conversation and I know I’m going to just say the same reheated line of ‘it was awful!’

I really must apologise to Netflix for me constantly saying that their original films tend to be nearly unwatchable, but they also keep putting stuff like this out. They get their TV, documentaries and normal films so right, so perfect and always leave a strong mark after viewing. I just don’t get why they fail so miserably with teen-dramas. I wish I had something good to say about this film but there are too many inexcusable flaws. I feel bad for the actors and actresses because, once again, I can see glimpses of their talent. However, this is just another teen movie where there is poor writing, poor directing and just poor everything. It’s a shame with films like these that we look forward to turning them off.

Duration: 2h 14 mins

Starring: Joey King, Joel Courtney, Jacob Elordi & more…

Certificate: 12.

Released: 24 July 2020 (UK).

My Rating: 3.5/ 10.

Currently available to stream only on Netflix.





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