The Fighter (2011)

Let the bell ring...

It’s rare to see a film that touches on so many hidden issues within sport so seeing this side was eye-opening. ‘The Fighter’ is case sensitive if you will. It focuses on family relationships, drug abuse and the struggle to burst onto the scene in a way we don’t always see. With sports films, we always find that there is a hardship, but I think it’s rare to find that we are presented with all of this after the successes of one of the protagonists. Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg bounce off of each other, their chemistry is amazing. Add the ever so talented Amy Adams into that mix and it’s certainly a recipe for a fantastic film. It is! It’s incredible. I am so glad I have finally managed to see this film, and I feel like I watched it at the right time, too. I think had I watched this a few years ago, I would maybe have been too young to really understand and grasp this movie. It really is a sensitive picture, with many little sub-plots going on in between. Obviously we have films like ‘Rocky’ that are also fantastic at touching on subjects like this, that really evidence the struggle within making it to the top in boxing, but ‘The Fighter’, for me, really delves deep and gets in the fine grain of all of the issues. This certainly feels like a film that could quite easily run for 3 hours+, and I wish it did. As much as I am impressed with this feature, I just wish it went on for longer. All-in-all, this really is an amazing film but not one I’d urge people to watch immediately. Instead, I urge people to watch this when they are in the right mindset because this threw me so many curveballs and I’m seriously impressed.

If I’m being completely honest, I’m not the biggest fan of sports films. I find them too predictable, and 90% of the time, they’re over-exaggerated. This is erratic whilst it keeps true to the eventual, honest ending. It’s a deserved finish to the film and it’s not a wild-card. The ending is one that comes right from the word go in this film. It is worked towards throughout the whole film and it was only fitting for the film to end there. However, there are things that could have been done to fill the time in between. Like I say, it could quite easily be 3 hours long, and that wouldn’t be an issue. In fact, I’d prefer it. The story, the acting, the chemistry is so energetic and complimenting that you want to see more from the characters and their story. I can’t say that this is in my top 10, nor my top 20 in fact, but the film really incredible and it is a close call. I love the energy between Bale and Wahlberg, and that is something I am still impressed by, I love it. Then we come onto Amy Adams, who for me, stole the show. She ran it out there and I think this could be her best performance. There is no doubt about her talent but seeing this cemented her as my favourite actress. Her range is insane, and honestly, I have never been drawn into a character so much as I have from her in this and ‘Arrival’, she is unbelievable. I can’t think of any who could have performed better in this role and she fully deserved the Oscar for this role.

Duration: 1h, 56 mins.

StarringMark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, Amy Adams & more…

Certificate: 15.

Released: 2 February 2011 (UK).

My Rating: 8.6/ 10

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