TENET (2020)

Woah. Just give me a minute, please...

It's certainly safe to say that I have never seen a movie more complex and layered than 'Tenet'. The film is magnificent, visually stunning and packed with complicated theory. All of this screams traditional Nolan, right? Aha, that's where you're wrong. No, Christopher Nolan has out-Nolaned himself and made a film that completely destroys the mind. Bin off the whole dream-thing from 'Inception', this is a game-changer. You're probably thinking, "don't be so dramatic" and that's safe to assume that I am being. However, you'd be wrong. This film really is insane and I get why so many people are actually criticising it for being too complex. It probably is, but that's not say that this film isn't a masterpiece with Nolan's signature all over it. It's probably more than a masterpiece, it's a generational film. It isn't as good as 'Inception', 'Interstellar' or 'The Dark Knight', but had they never existed, we'd be talking a huge contender for one of the best movies of all-time. We have been blessed by incredible picture after picture by this genius and I think to criticise this is being incredibly harsh. It is a complex movie where the sound was a tad overwhelming, but it's an amazing movie too and people need to recognise that there is far more good than bad in this.

What I can say about this film that really impressed me is how well the movie is put together. I expected nothing less than brilliance but this knocked it out of the park. I love being able to follow the story but sometimes I prefer to piece the puzzle together. This is one of those times. You will either need to rewatch it or read the plot after seeing it because there are so many things that can be confusing and potentially are confusing. That isn’t a bad thing. The whole idea of this film seems to leave the viewers questioning what it really is about, creating discussion and intrigue surrounding it. There is not a single thing I disliked about it, I was just disappointed that the sound in some scenes was too overwhelming of the speech and it does make it difficult to hear what the characters are discussing. Nonetheless, this isn’t a major issue throughout and only on occasion, but I do hope it’s fixed for the public disc release. It’s a film I feel like I’ve waited forever to see, I had no idea what to expect and seeing so many mixed reactions beforehand, I felt even more out of my comfort zone. ‘Tenet’ delivers on the biggest stage and outshines so many in the sci-fi film genre. Once again, well done Nolan, well done to the incredible cast and thank you for blessing us with a beauty of a picture.

Duration: 2h 30 mins.

StarringJohn David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki & more…

Certificate: 12A.

Released: 26 August 2020 (UK).

My Rating: 8.9/ 10




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