Soul (2020)

Happy New Year everyone!

Well, I'm finally back and discussing one of the most-anticipated films of 2020. 'Soul' really is a beautiful, heartfelt movie that can grab an audience into the story. It's vibrant, it's warm, but it's also bleak in a sense. Pixar does a great job of capturing the emotions of a failing musician and employs a great method of getting him to connect with himself once again. The thing is, and why it only peaks in the low-sevens for me, is that it isn't filled up well. If I'm being honest, this could have been done in about half-an-hour. I feel like Disney had such an amazing idea for a film and as they started, they didn't know when it was right to stop. Instead, the realised that if they had a start and finish (a good one too) they could just fill it up with unnecessary scenes that don't feel that engaging but enough to keep people interested. I love Disney and Pixar but I really was expecting more from this movie. On top of that, the whole thing is about Jazz and the culture surrounding it but they really brush over it all. It was really disappointing to not get more music and more about the whole scene with Jazz. I cannot deny that this was a major factor in my scoring and I wish I could give it more. It just didn't feel like a finished product. Instead, it felt like they made a short film and decided to make it a lot longer as more people would be interested in watching it that way. Disney, please don't make this mistake again and taint what could have been one of the best films of the year.

I wish I had more to say about this film but there really is just this much. What you see is exactly what you get and the beautiful overlay just isn't enough for it to be saved in my opinion. I hope that people did enjoy this because it is an enjoyable film packed with quick humour and relatability. I just maybe expected more and that is perhaps what has disappointed me the most.

Duration: 1h 40 mins.

Starring: Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey, Graham Norton & more…

Certificate: PG.

Released: 25 December 2020 (UK).

My Rating: 7.2/ 10

Available to stream solely on Disney+.

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