Shaun Of The Dead (2004)

I will never, ever get tired of watching this film! 'Shaun of the Dead' is an iconic picture that seriously sums up the decade it was released in. It will never not be funny. The horror twist on this is executed perfectly to incorporate comedy from start to finish. Although the film is rarely seen for the horror in it, the concerning zombie apocalypse is still the focal point of the film. I have seen this countless times and one thing's for sure, it is one of the best comedies ever made. I often find that when watching this film, I end up so engrossed in it, as if it is the first time I've watched. It is a perfect blend of comedy and horror, with the story focusing around Shaun and his antics in trying to protect the ones he loves and cares for. Unfortunately, I wish I could make this a bit longer of a review, but I just love it and it's difficult to explain how much. The intense music and odd cut scenes to build suspense, the fantastic sarcasm and humour, answering life's questions - proving that "dogs CAN look up"'Shaun of the Dead' is a timeless classic and I'm sure it will be loved by many for years to come.





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