Orphan (2009)

Right. I never ever want to see this film again in my life. And it's not for the quality of the film either. I watched 'Orphan' when it first came out and I was a youngling, this film scared the life out of me. It is the only film to have ever kept me awake at night, and looking back now it's not that bad but it still has scarred me for life. I wish I could recall a moment where my heart wasn't racing, it is a psychological horror, makes you seriously think when watching it and it does that very, very well. Don't get me wrong, it's not a fantastic film, by no means a top 10 list at all, but it is close. I love a good horror and had I watched this now (for the first time) I would certainly have not been scarred, but I would still be left thinking about it. The acting is good throughout, although nothing Oscar-worthy, but the thing that screams out to me is that this is as close as it gets to a modern, classic horror. I can justify praising this film as it did what it intended, scared the shit out of me. I'm even pretty sure I said "please don't let me die" when I finished it, it got under my skin and has crawled around my brain for years since. This is a film that I genuinely think gets left out of the horror conversation a lot but is a really good film that does play on the mind very well, and as much as I am terrified by it, I can't fault the quality.

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