Need For Speed (2014)

First things first - 'Need For Speed' is by no means a bad film. To be honest, there is a hell of a lot more good things about it than bad. The reason for the 7.0 rating is because of all of the potential it has and stuff it missed out on. I would love to see a sequel to this or have some form of development at the very least. It is a very enjoyable film, something that has a bit of everything. It is as it says on the label - the need for speed. The whole film revolves around racing, the way it should be too (the same way Fast and Furious started out with...). It is intense, it has humour, some element of mystery, but most importantly, it is very easy to watch and follows. Sorry, no this is the most important bit - the f***ing insane cars used throughout the whole thing. What impresses me about this film is that the watcher is not lied to. Every stunt, race and scene actually happens as there is zero CGI used. Unfortunately, the film also features a poorly used Michael Keaton (yet another direction a follow-up film could pursue). He is an actor with serious talent and just isn't used well in this. To be honest, he doesn't really need to be there. Don't get me wrong, "you may wanna close your eyes" at some scenes because it is very cringe, but what video game based film isn't? All in all, I love it, it just needs more.

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