Most Underrated 2019

Put some credit to his name...

Who else could it have been, really? Chris Evans bossed 2019 with three fantastic films and performances. I can only speak for two of those as I haven't seen 'The Red Sea Diving Resort' all the way through yet but I have heard nothing but good things about his performance and the film overall. What I can say, however, is wow, 'Knives Out' was so much better than I think anyone was expecting. So often we see big cast films fall at the last hurdle and this one didn't, and seeing him play the opposite of Captain America for a change was incredible. This movie showed that he isn't just America' ass, but he can just play an ass too. He's fantastic and his chemistry with Daniel Craig and Ana de Armas in this is second to none, I loved every second of 'Knives Out' and is in my top 5 of last year. P.S. Still not over his sweater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moving onto 'Avengers Endgame', it's hard not to mention how amazing Robert Downey Jr was in this movie. Let's be honest, it was a movie about him and Iron Man's arc. However, we can't forget that so much of this movie was lead by Steve Rogers, and some of the greatest scenes (most) are involving him. As I said, America's ass, the goosebump-inducing "Avengers... assemble" was my favourite moment of the film, him lifting Mjolnir and finally getting the rest he deserves. I know there's a lot of hate for the ending and I also agree it should have been better, and I think that Steve wielding the gauntlet would have been better but hey ho, nothing I can do will change what happened. Chris Evans truly embodies Captain America in this movie and it is once again a true reflection of why he was the perfect casting for such a difficult role to play for the man out of time.

Honourable Mentions:

  • Margot Robbie

  • Willem Dafoe

  • Adam Sandler

  • Leonardo Di Caprio

Chris Evans' 2019:

  • Avengers: Endgame

  • The Red Sea Diving Resort

  • Knives Out





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