Marriage Story (2019)

I was shocked. I was expecting this to be a really long, somewhat over-dramatised and particularly boring film. Don't get me wrong, it could be seen as that if you're really against this type of film. However, I thoroughly enjoyed this, I think even more so because it took me back with some fantastic acting from both Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver. 'Marriage Story' depicts one of the most common legal battles in the world: divorce, and more so the effects it has on the splitting parents and the child. It really combines comedy, reality and passion into one almost perfectly weighted film. Despite all of this, I still think it lacks one thing - what comes next? Maybe there will be a follow up and hopefully so as I would love to see what the characters' adventures are after cancelling their marriage. It demonstrates fantastic acting and I cannot reiterate that enough and had it been released any other year, I think Adam Driver would have been walking home with the Best Actor Oscar. The humour is timed to perfection and it really ties you in with the characters, making you sympathise and see how the emotion can get lost in a rigorous court battle. It certainly wasn't the best film of the past, but it did deserve the Oscar nominations and awards it has received. Who knows, maybe they will appeal and "go to court" over this, only time will tell...





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