Logan (2017)

Could they have ended this chapter any better? I really find it difficult to disagree with. 'Logan' is a film that really hits home for any comic book fan, or any movie lover really, it is just a perfect homage to a fantastic run from Hugh Jackman as the iconic Wolverine. Not only that, this film really is marvellous (see what I did there - Marvel, marvellous) and it's hard to find fault with it. I say hard to, it's incredibly hard to find anything wrong with this. In this, we find the end of not only Wolverine's chapter but Charles Xavier's, too. These icons in the superhero world are synonymous with the conversation about comic book adaptations. Although the end of the road for some, it introduced a new face to the X-Men cinematic story, with Laura having similar powers to Logan himself. When I said that this film hits home, it was a powerful send off to the fan-favourite character, but it was the one he deserved too. I'm quite sure I shed a tear when watching this as I grew up with Wolverine and seeing this really marked the end. Plus, along with the more recent X-Men films with the new wave, it's almost as if "sometimes I don't recognise you" anymore, and it's a shame but as the saying goes - old is gold.

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