Holes (2003)

Well, Disney+ has arrived in the UK and has allowed me to finally see this film. 'Holes' is a movie I have been told to watch so many times over the years and I was told it's on Disney+ and I just had to see it. It was worth every second of my time. This is a seriously fun film packed with talent, both young and experienced. I must admit, it took a while to understand what was going on, but the film got more gripping the longer it went on. I really looked forward to watching this and now, after finishing it, I could watch it again and notice even more little details that are there for us as an audience. Once you get a feel for the story, it becomes so easy to follow and to enjoy. With spells of sadness and emotion throughout, in the most part, it's very upbeat and enjoyable. I regret not watching this sooner but I'm so glad I finally got to see it, and it was a fantastic way to fill the time during isolation. For everyone who hasn't seen this film, I highly recommend you do. By no means is it perfect, but it is very good and it's one for all ages. One thing that really interested me was how everyone in the main family "names their son Stanley, 'cause it's Yelnats backwards", I just think this is fantastic and so well thought out.

Currently available to stream on Disney+.





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