Enola Holmes (2020)

The game is afoot...

I mean, Netflix really is getting closer. This star-studded cast provides so much promise and some of that is actually delivered for once. 'Enola Holmes' is an enlightening, heartfelt and warming take on some of the most intriguing crime novels of all time. It doesn't end there, the acting is pretty good too. What is, however, starting to really grind my gears is how Netflix feel that every coming-of-age movie needs first-person, talking to the camera narration. They don't. In fact, nothing does. It's annoying, it's cringe and it is honestly enough to make me turn a film off. This is no exception. The cringe-worthy dialogue is enough for me to have dropped my rating from well into being a 7+ rated movie. It just doesn't need to be there. Narration is fine, but only when it's required. For most of the film, the dialogue really limits the total outcome, and aside from that, it's not that bad. The movie seems to be carried by Millie Bobby Brown, and she does that effortlessly. My pick to this is that I wish it was more serious. We have seen how successful the Sherlock franchise can be when it's done seriously, and Cumberbatch's performance is a prime example of this. Had this been a more serious and darker film, the movie could really have been something. Maybe it's just me and having absolutely nothing better to do than complain about Netflix films being awful, but this was a true stride towards something that can be considered a good movie. I say that because it is a good movie, but it could have and should have been so much better.

One thing is for sure, I hope that there is a sequel to 'Enola Holmes', one that includes more from Sherlock, more mystery and it becomes a bit darker. The family sense to this film is great and works well; I'm just not sure it was the right move. It is fun, it's easy to watch and it's intelligent enough to keep people guessing, but I feel as if it's not enough. A film with this cast really should be more enticing and complicated - I was certainly expecting that to be the case. I was hoping for more and that is ultimately why the rating is as low as it is. I wish it was more and I hope for a second movie that will not be a carbon copy of this first instalment.

Duration: 2h 3 mins

Starring:  Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill, Sam Claflin & more…

Certificate: 12

Released:  23 September 2020 (UK)

My Rating: 6.7/ 10

Available to watch exclusively on Netflix.





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