Dunkirk (2017)

As far as war films go, this is perhaps up there with the very best. I had no doubts that Christopher Nolan would make yet another masterpiece, but this one blew me away. 'Dunkirk' is the same story told through three different perspectives. I loved it. I just can't really describe the feeling I have towards it. Similar to '1917', the camera work is absolutely mind-blowing and some of the best I have ever seen in any film, let alone a Nolan film. It really captures the harsh reality and fear but the bravery of the soldiers, leaving them to feel as if "all we did is survive". One of the main things that truly stood out in this for me is the insane level of acting for characters who don't get to say that much when you consider how long the film is. This really embodies the story perfectly with them not being able to say much, it's what they do that is important. The surprising performance was Harry Styles because who expected this transition? Not me. He was incredible and provided perhaps the strongest performance in the film. I was and still am seriously impressed that he jumped in as a lead role, for his first time, in a Nolan film. That's some weight to carry and he does it perfectly. All-in-all, I adore this film and will never get tired of watching it, a definite must-watch in anyone's life.

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