Drive (2011)

Sit back, relax and enjoy the view...

This is a gem. ‘Drive’ really is one of those films that gets overlooked in the movie conversation, particularly amongst my generation. It is marvellous. Not only is the acting impeccable but the film is so visually beautiful. Ryan Gosling is back to his best in yet another hit for him and some other surprising names in the credits that all provide fantastic performances. One thing I must draw away from this is how well Gosling plays the lead role, and it’s one I’m particularly familiar with. His detached performance is uncanny to his role in ‘Blade Runner 2049’ and this is just as exceptional. My issue with this film is that it’s too short. I’m not saying films need to be 2 hours+ to be unbelievable when they are already at this quality, but this one seriously would be. I guess it left me questioning “where’s the deluxe version?” I just wish there was even more to this as it really is one you can’t take your eyes off of. This movie is phenomenal and I really, really will be watching this over and over, trying to spot subtle details, pick up on things I didn’t the first time, and really sit back and enjoy the movie without trying to analyse it too much. Overall, I think ‘Drive’ is an excellent picture and one I would recommend, but not for those that are easily spooked by graphic scenes. By no means is this a bad thing but watch with caution, people.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how the film dynamic shifts and how it is telling several different stories that are all subtly intertwining. I try my best to avoid talking about acting, whether it is bad or good, but in this case, I have to applaud Gosling because he is out of this world with this outing. He and his character carry the film, all focusing around his story and he handles it with ease. I’m not surprised but the intensity of this movie makes it all the more impressive. Personally, I think that this movie deserves more attention, and the story is magnificent. I find it often difficult to put myself into the shoes of the protagonists, but this time I really felt as if I was in the movie, feeling everything he felt and truly understanding what was going through his head. On the surface, the film has layers to it, but the layers have layers when you really look into it and that is what stands out most. His character’s composition is unmatched and he really has his presence felt on screen. I just think this is one of those movies where I really can’t say anything bad about it because there really isn’t anything bad to say.

Duration: 1h 40 mins

Starring: Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Bryan Cranston & more…

Certificate: 18.

Released: 23 September 2011 (UK).

My Rating: 8.7/ 10.

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