D'vina (2020)

This is a personal request and it is a short film, more so a documentary, created by up-and-coming producer - Sam Oddie. Yet to be released, I had the pleasure of being able to view this feature, and it's safe to say it was incredibly moving. Although not something I would normally review on this channel, I'm glad I am having the opportunity to do so. It was fantastically put together with a beautiful setting, use of music and story. It is a compelling, heartfelt and informing picture, and one that I admire. It really enables the viewer to be engrossed in the story, even with only 8 minutes viewing. It really is marvellous and I was engaged from the very beginning right through the credits. I can't praise the moral story behind 'D'vina' enough, and it is certainly something that will need to be seen by everyone. It is an intriguing build up to the end revelation, and it honestly, in my opinion, could not have been delivered better. It really is hard to find the correct words to describe a picture like this, something I often find when watching heartfelt documentaries or true-story events, but I'm glad I have been given the chance to review this. I'm so glad this story has been shared, and makes me proud to live in a world where more people can be their true selves, unapologetically and beautifully. Hopefully it will be well recognised, and Sam will have the chance to deliver more and more.





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