Coraline (2009)

Yep. Definitely is a horror film.

Damn. This is seriously good. I have avoided this film like the plague for so long because it just looked so creepy. It really is that weird and creepy but it's very well executed! 'Coraline' may perhaps have one of the weirdest names out there but the entire film is so clever and I'm so glad this was used making stop-motion filming. I read this was originally intended to be live-action and I seriously believe the mystic from the film would have been lost had the producers gone down that route. The film certainly gives off the "Hello? Who's there?" vibe as it is ominous, full of twists and turns and its suspenseful. I mean if I watched this when it came out, and I would have been 9, then I definitely would have been terrified. I stand by my judgement that this is a few swear words and a bit of violence and graphic imagery from being a complete horror movie that even adults would be tripped by. So after 11 years of waiting to watch this, I am glad to say I completed it in one sitting, I braved it and it really is complex and scary. It should not be a kids film. That's my final judgement after watching it. The level of depth that has gone into the storyline is mind-blowing and is certainly a film that is ahead of its time in terms of on-screen achievement. In one sentence: I beg everyone to watch this, whether you don't like horror movies or not because this is spectacular.

Furthering on from this, the film isn't that long but it really drags you in as a viewer and you become so engrossed in the story. You can't half-heartedly watch this because it requires so much attention with so many little details that end up being extremely significant in the grand scheme of the film. I imagine this film gave so many kids nightmares when they saw it for the first time (the way 'Orphan' did for me) and I am not remotely surprised. 'Coraline' really is terrifying and an excellent attempt to bridge the gap between horror movies and kids movies. All in all, an excellent film that has stood the test of time.

Duration: 1h, 40mins.

Starring: Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher, Jennifer Saunders & more...

Certificate: PG.

Released: 8 May 2009 (UK).

My Rating: 8.1/ 10.

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