Clouds (2020)

Up. Up. Up...

Well done Disney! I seriously mean that. This movie is a beautiful depiction of a truly inspiring, yet sad story. 'Clouds' focuses on the true-story of Zach Sobiech, and it is just beautifully done. It really does take a lot for a film to really impress like this and this did so many things right. This is a story I didn't know up until watching this, and it is also one I am glad to know. Fin Argus provides a truly charismatic performance as the lead, followed by another gem from Sabrina Carpenter. The two absolutely bounce off of each other and certainly a pairing I would welcome again. However, what really impressed me the most is the emotion that had gone into each and every character within this movie. As I said, I never knew the story but I can only imagine what an incredible journey it must have been, even more so considering the situation. I hope this movie really helps and inspires people to really enjoy what is in front of us, rather than take things for granted as we so often do. It's a heartwarming film from start to finish, but it is also an emotional rollercoaster. Remember when I said it takes a lot for a film to really impressed me like this did, it also takes a lot to engage me emotionally. I can so often feel the movie, but often struggle to emotionally connect with the characters. However, that is not the case with this, and it was to the point my tears nearly made a rare appearance. I hope this movie gets recognition because it is fantastic and it is a fantastic story. I also hope that it does the true story justice because this is painted so, so well.

I suppose I need to go into a little bit more detail about this movie, but what more can I say? I really enjoyed it, and it is certainly not the type of film that usually grabs me. I hope you have all grasped that I admire the talent of Sabrina Carpenter and it was interesting to see her perform as a supporting cast, where she may not have had as much screen-time as she may be used to. Nonetheless, her performance shone through and so does Fin Argus as Zach. He is incredible. He painted the picture so well and I have nothing but praise for a brilliant performance! Well done to everyone involved in making this film come to life!

Duration: 2h 1 mins.

Starring: Fin Argus, Sabrina Carpenter, Neve Campbell & more…

Certificate: PG-13.

Released:  16 October 2020 (UK).

My Rating: 8.4/ 10

Available to stream exclusively on Dinsey+.





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