Black Swan (2010)

Everything is not what it seems...

Horror movies are always quite tough to get right. Even more so for modern horrors as it always feels as if it has been done before. Also, with that, you can't recreate that first scare. 'Black Swan' inverts all of that, says 'nah, stuff that, I'm doing my own thing!' It does its own thing beautifully. This is a modern masterpiece and whether you're a fan of horror films or not, you need to see this! It is potentially one of the most intelligently put together films I have ever seen with the transitions throughout telling their own story. For the vast majority of the film, Natalie Portman runs the show and makes the other leads seem like cameo appearances. She is incredible (as usual). There are so many directions that this movie swings you in and it's really intriguing to see how it ends. Normally with great films, you never want them to end, but for this, I couldn't wait to see what happens. It feels as if the film is a very long build-up to the final act and that is solely down to detail. I have had the fortune of being able to watch this and rewind it if I think I missed something, too. There were several times where I felt as if I needed to do that and I'm glad that I did. I must applaud how the movie doesn't hide anything from the audience, it wants you to see the whole story unfold and I think that is so incredible. It feels as if all we get now is hidden details in movies (which is great) but it's also great when we are given these details and are left to figure out what significance they have. Do they mean more? Do they actually matter at all? The answer is yes. If you haven't guessed by now, I loved this movie.

I normally find plenty of extra to say about movies but this one really left me in awe. I was so happy with the movie's outcome and to be honest, there really isn't much room for improvement. I have scored it as such because I just don't know how it can be improved, and even with the best of films, there's room. For this, I just can't figure out what it is that's either missing or could be done better. Perhaps maybe more character development for Mila Kunis and Vincent Cassel, or even Winona Ryder who hardly features. They all get a respectable amount of time, but it would be interesting to see even more of them.

Duration: 1h 48 mins

Starring:  Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Vincent Cassel & more…

Certificate: 15

Released:  21 January 2010 (UK)

My Rating: 8.5/ 10

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