Batman Begins (2005)

Is this not one of the greatest starts to a trilogy ever? It is magnificent and that's me understating it. 'Batman Begins' is one of those films you must watch before you die. I have seen this countless times and it only gets better every time. By no means am I saying this film is perfect, but it certainly does incredibly well. Christopher Nolan's entry into the comic book film industry starts with a bang, and thankfully, he carried on. This film has definitely been out long enough now to know it's a Batman origin story, but it introduces moviegoers with a different take than what has already been shown on the silver screen. This film shows what would be a harsh reality for a billionaire orphan, exploring just how damaged Bruce Wayne must really be. This film issues one of my all-time favourite quotations in "Why do we fall? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up", words I think are liberating and inspiring, in a sense anyway. To me, and probably to many out there, this film is not so much about Batman, more so Bruce Wayne finding who he is - Batman is only an extension of his character. The film offers a fantastic villain portrayed for the first time in live-action, and it was executed perfectly based on the character's definition by comic. Overall, this film sets the pace for something remarkable, and is truly, utterly incredible.

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