Arrival (2016)

I remember going to the cinema to watch this after not seeing a single ad for it. That lack of knowledge of the film built up something incredible for me as I tend to find that the very best films are hardly advertised to me... it's as if the universe is saying "you haven't seen anything about this, go watch it!" Well, basically, this is what I did and I walked out mind-blown. 'Arrival' is absolutely incredible, I don't care what anyone says. This film really epitomises how people react to scary situations, how we should as a population look to cooperate through the difficult times and become more understanding and accepting of things we don't know fully yet. That is it on face value. There is so much complexity to this film, something so elegant that it's impossible to take your eyes off of the screen. To be honest, I didn't know what to expect, and sometimes that's the best way to approach a movie, and it was in this case. "The day they arrived" is such a powerful and transitional line from this film as it is something that can really be about anything in life that has been impactful yet previously alien. I wholeheartedly admire this film, it's a thing of beauty and I wish more would take notes on this because it is highly under-appreciated.

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