American Psycho (2000)

Ahhh, 'American Psycho'. The absolutely insane film about the world we live in and how we really are all capable of being the worst forms of, not only ourselves but, humanity. I must admit, I originally only watched this so I would understand the novel better when I was studying it for my A-Level, but I was captured by the charismatic Patrick Bateman (who is fantastically played by Christian Bale) and his antics. The whole film captures the vibe the novel gives really well and paints a different picture to the one Ellis tried to paint when he wrote the book originally. By no means is this a bad thing. 'American Psycho', despite the name, is a true thing of beauty. It delves into the psyche of a serial killer psychopath. Although this is the case, the whole point is that it makes the viewer question, "are we really that far away from this reality, though?". To be honest, the film's essence deploys a reflective stance, and the characters become part of our mindset. I watched this originally, like I said, to study the film, but I have watched it multiple times since and always find things in it that stun me. It is a fantastic film, start to finish, and one I really can't fault - especially for the boundaries it pushes. Along with that, fantastic dialogue between Bateman and every character he interacts with entails, even whilst talking about Huey Lewis and The News, he answers whether or not he wearing "a rain coat"... One thing is for sure about this film, the scary part is it's near reality.





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