A Simple Favor (2018)

Do me a favour, just don't expect much...

Oh, the potential this film had was so eagerly ruined by ridiculously bad writing throughout the entire second half. I have rated ‘A Simple Favor’ so low because of this. Throughout the majority of the first half of the film, it is likeable, enjoyable and surprisingly easy to follow. Then the drama happens and everything good is thrown out of the window. I have no idea what they were thinking but what on earth? I just can’t comprehend how it was going so well. I am not blaming the acting because the performances from the two lead actresses are incredible, they really fill the mould of the characters they are portraying. I blame the god awful writing that ruined their chances of a great performance. I guess “you can never quite reach her” is brilliantly accurate for this film. I blame the writing so much because nothing about the film makes sense. I say that with a whole heart because I have tried several times and every time I finish the film, I laugh at the really poor finale. I’m sorry for those that don’t agree with me here, maybe you have a higher regard or a lower one, but I seriously find this film difficult, and I find it even more difficult to say it’s good.

Rant over. For now. One thing I must admit is the film starts strongly and is really funny. There are some absolutely brilliant jokes in there and they really push the boundaries. However, as I said, a few jokes and laughs aren’t enough to save a bad film. There are certainly parts I enjoy and they execute the mystery element really well. Instead, I find myself on the side of viewing the film as bad… still. I wish I had more nice things to say about this film but I just don’t. Oh, whoever was on costume design did a fantastic job too because the fashion in this film is awesome, I love some of the outfits on display. I know this definitely one of my shorter reviews and it's a shame I just can't really pinpoint what I want to say about the film. I think it's best described as 'average at best', and that is probably me being kind for a film with so much potential.

Starring: Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively, Henry Golding & more…

Certificate: 15.

Released: 20 September 2018 (UK).

My Rating: 5.9/ 10.

Currently available to stream on Netflix, or you can buy/ rent this movie on Google Play Movies, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.





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