1917 (2020)

Have I ever seen a more beautifully put together film? This truly is the epitome of perfect cinematography. '1917', set during the height of the First World War, captures the journey of two soldiers sent to deliver a message. Without ever losing focus on the main characters, the film contains the perfect balance between talk, drama, appropriate humour and emotion throughout the Oscar winning picture. In my opinion, even after all the fantastic films to come out over the last year, this was one of the very best I have seen. It truly is a cinematic masterpiece with the focus being solely on the story and the characters, nothing is there that doesn't need to be. I loved going to see this, not knowing what to expect but I had already heard fantastic things about this, and I was speechless when I left. It was touching, it was heartfelt, it was amazing. When I say appropriate humour, after some damage, "you'll be wanking again in no time" was very perfect for the moment. '1917' will, in my opinion, be considered one of the greatest war films of all time and the one-shot style of picture from the word go really captures the audience in the story, as if you are the third person on the journey. Congratulations, Sam Mendes and the whole crew of this spectacle of cinema. I loved it and thank you for gracing our screens...

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